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RPA Automation Anywhere Training Course

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  • Introduction of Automation Anywhere
  • What can you automate?
  • Automation Anywhere Enterprise Architecture
  • Overview of Recorders
  • Overview of Task Editor
  • Overview of Command Library
  • Overview of Variable Manager

Types Of Recorder

Screen Recorder

Smart Recorder

Web Recorder

Task Editor

  • Creating Task Using the Task Editor
  • Properties of Task Editor

Understanding Variables


  • Active Directory
  • Understanding App Integration
  • Database Command
  • Delay or Wait Command
  • Web Recorder Commands

Logging and Email Automation

  • Log to File Command

Error Handling

Excel & CSV

  • Files and Folders Command
  • Understanding FTP/SFTP
  • Understanding IF/ELSE
  • Understanding Image Recognition

Keystroke Command

Loop Command

Manage Windows Control

Object Cloning Command

OCR Command

Open/Program File Command

PDF Integration

Prompt Command

Web Service Command

Run Script Command

String Operation Command

Run Task Command

Terminal Emulator Command

Variable Operation Command

Windows Action Command

XML Command

Control Room

  • Additional Features
  • Auto Login
  • Workflow Designer