Appium with Python Online Training

Appium with Python Training Course

Learn mobile automation testing appium(iOS and Android) course & be a skilled testing professional, offers appium with python online training in usa, canada, uk, australia, singapore, new zealand, mexico, uae, spain and brazil with experienced appium trainers

Setup Environment

  • Setup and Installation of Python
  • Download and configure Eclipse, Pydev

Basics of Python

  • Simple Script with Hello World Program
  • Working with different variable types
  • Conditional Programming – if else, Nested conditions if else if else
  • Loop Programming – For loop, while loop

Functions and Exception Handling

  • Creating simple and parameterized functions
  • Exception handling using try except and finally loop

Data Structures

  • Lists – Create, Get Value from List, Modify List, Remove Value from List, looping on Lists, Nested Lists, Delete List. Operations using inbuilt methods
  • Dictionaries – Create, read key value pairs, modify, insert key: value pair, delete key, Nested Dictionaries. Operations using inbuilt methods
  • Tuples – Create, update value in Tuple, delete tuple

Object Oriented Programming

  • Classes – Instance of classes, Functions in the classes.

Test Automation

  • Why Automation is needed?
  • Evaluating Criteria for Test Automation Tools
  • Architecture of Appium
  • Infrastructure introduction about setting up Appium
  • Appium with Android Platform

Introduction / Setup Instructions

  • Introduction to Setup details. Installation steps for Appium and Configuration.


  • Steps to setup Xcode, Command Line Tools, iOS Simulator, Compiling App on the Simulator

Appium Inspector with Appium Desktop App

  • Techniques to launch Inspector and ways to use it. Identify UI elements with Inspector.

iOS Simulator / Real Devices

  • Demonstration to write python code to load Native App on iOS Simulator and perform basic UI actions

UI Actions

  • Demonstration of Driving various types of UI elements on UI Catalog app using Appium
  • Date Picker, Alert Views, Progress Views

Touch Actions

  • Demonstration of Various Gesture Actions using Appium on IOS Simulator.
  • Drag and Drop, Zoom, Tap