ArcSight ESM Online Training

ArcSight ESM 6.5 Online Training

Introduction to ArcSight

  • Overview of ArcSight ESM
  • ArcSight ESM Event Schema/Network Model
  • Lifecycle of an Event in ArcSight ESM
  • ArcSight ESM Workflow
  • ESM Reference Resources

Introduction to the ArcSight ESM Console Interface

  • Using the ESM 5.0 Console
  • Using ArcSight Web

Viewing ArcSight ESM 5.0 Data

  • Using Active Channels
  • Using Filters
  • Using Variables
  • Using Dashboards and Data Monitors
  • Using Event Graphs
  • Using Custom View Dashboards

ArcSight ESM Rules and Lists

  • ESM Rules Basics
  • Using Lists

ArcSight ESM Reports and Query Viewers

  • ESM Reports Overview
  • Building Reports
  • ArcSight Query Viewers

ArcSight ESM Network Model

  • ArcSight Network and Asset Model
  • Network Model Wizard

Building Active Rules (Virtual Classroom)

  • Building Active Rules