BaaN / LN ERP Online Training

BaaN / LN ERP Online Training

We provide BaaN / LN ERP Training assistance for your users. If you have a new user or a key user left your company we can provide a quick training session to help them to catch up with the business process.

One of the issues with re-training is no documentation available. In those cases we can work with your users and develop a well documented training material to help you with future training or re-training.

We offer OLT (On Line Training) program, which is an effective Learning mode with flexibility of time. We provide training in staggered manner , so that the candidate get’s sufficient time to understand and practice the concepts better.

Training Modules

  • Baan ERP Tools Development
  • Baan ERP Admin
  • Baan Financials
  • Baan ERP Manufacturing
  • Baan ERP Logistics
  • Baan ERP Distributions
  • Baan ERP Services
  • Baan ERP Projects
  • Infor LN Tools Development
  • Infor LN Admin
  • Infor LN Order Management
  • Infor LN Manufacturing
  • Infor LN Services
  • Infor LN Projects