ETL Testing Online Training

ETL Testing Online Training

ETL Testing (Extract, Transform and Load): ETL Testing Training: It has been observed that Independent Verification and Validation is gaining huge market potential and many companies are now seeing this as prospective business gain. Customers have been offered the different range of products regarding service offerings, distributed in many areas based on technology, process, and solutions. ETL or Data Warehouse is one of the offerings which are developing rapidly and successfully.

ETL Testing Course Content

  • What is ETL Testing?
  • Overview about ETL testing
  • Difference between ETL Testing and Database Testing

Data warehousing Concepts

  • What is a Data warehouse?
  • Introduction to Data Warehousing.
  • Why Data Warehouse and why not Database?
  • What is ETL?
  • What is a Data mart?
  • Different types of Mapping in Data warehouse.
  • Different types of Schemas.
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions

Database / SQL Concepts

  • What is Database?
  • Files VS Databases
  • Different types of Databases.
  • What is SQL
  • DDL, DML, DRL, DCL, TCL overview
  • Select statements basics
  • Primary key
  • Foreign key
  • Unique key
  • Not Null
  • Check
  • Default
  • Table Creation, Updating, Inserting and Delete
  • Table Alter, Truncate, Drop
  • Commit & Rollback
  • Views
  • Mathematical operations
  • Columns aliasing
  • Where clause
  • Having clause
  • Difference between where and having clause
  • Group by
  • Order by
  • Logical operators
  • Special operators
  • Arithmetic functions
  • String functions
  • Date and Time functions
  • Ranking functions
  • Null functions
  • Case expression
  • Aggregate functions
  • Set operators
  • Table aliasing
  • Joins
    • Different types of joins
  • Sub queries
    • Multiple subqueries
    • Correlated subqueries

ETL Concepts

  • Normalization
  • De-Normalization
  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Staging Area
  • Dimensional modelling
  • Dimensional Table
  • Fact Table
  • Star schema
  • Snow flake schema
  • Types of Dimensional tables
  • Data merging
  • Data cleansing
  • Data scrubbing
  • Data Aggregation
  • Types of Loads
  • Conformed dimensional table
  • Degenerated Dimension table
  • Junk Dimensions

Informatica Workflow Monitor Tool

  • What is Informatica
  • Workflow monitor tool usage
  • Types of transformations

UNIX Basics

ETL Testing Project Essentials

  • Types of ETL testing
  • Understanding ETL Testing Project Architecture
  • Project objective
  • Project Documents (BR, FR, mapping documents, TDD, Technical Specifications)
  • Testing Lifecycle in the ETL project
  • Test cases preparation and execution
  • Test Data Preparation
  • Testing Techniques