Informatica ILM Online Training

Informatica ILM Online Training

Informatica ILM Data Archive

Introduction to ILM Data Archive

  • Describe Informatica’s approach to data archive
  • Introduction to the ILM Data Archive architecture
  • Identify the components of the Data Archive

System Administration

  • Describe the system configuration
  • Create and manage source and target connections
  • Describe JDBC connectivity
  • Describe auditing

Users and Security

  • Creating and managing users
  • Describing the concepts of system-defined roles
  • Describe the significance of the Administrator role and
  • its privileges
  • Describe the use of security groups
  • Describe the required database privileges
  • Describe the various file archive roles

Informatica Enterprise Data Manager

  • Describe the ILM Enterprise Data Manager (EDM)
  • Describe the EDM architecture
  • Describe the key benefits of using the EDM

ILM Data Archive Web UI

  • Describe the archive process flow
  • Create a source repository
  • Create a target repository
  • Create a security group
  • Create and define an archive project
  • Schedule and run an archive project
  • Monitor the status of the archive job
  • Open and read the Row Count report

ILM Data Archive Web UI Online Restore

  • Describe the restore process
  • Describe the restore flow
  • Describe the various methods to restore an archive
  • Describe a cycle restore project
  • Describe a transaction restore project
  • Seamless Access
  • Describe and create a seamless access job

Informatica ILM Test Data Management

Test Data Management Introduction & Architecture

  • Test Data Management architecture
  • Test Data Management use cases
  • Components involved in Test Data Management


  • Describe a source, target, metadata, repository
  • Describe the role of the IDE in Test Data Management

Data Subset

  • Describe the ILM Test Data Management components used in data subsets
  • Describe applications
  • Describe groups, entities, templates, and plans

Data Masking

  • Describe the ILM Test Data Management components used in data masking
  • Describe cascades
  • Describe rules, policies, and data masking plans

Administrative Tasks

  • Describe and review the various types of reports
  • Describe metadata migration
  • Explore adding roles and assigning permissions