SAP FSCM Online Training

SAP FSCM Online Training Content

1. Credit Management                                 

Credit Risk Monitoring                    

Business Partner       

  • Configuration of Business Partner
  • Creation of Business Partner

Master Data   

  • Credit Segment
  • Rating Procedure
  • Customer Credit Group
  • Formulas
  • Score and Credit Lmit Calculation
  • Risk Class
  • Manual Update of Parameters in Business Partner Master
  • Automatic update of parameters in Business Partner Master

Credit Limit Request 

  • Create Profile for Credit Limit request
  • Creation of credit limit request

Credit Limit Check     

  • Blocking Reason
  • Info Categories
  • Field Groups for Parameters
  • Checking Rules

Documented Credit Decision              

  • Functions of Documented Credit Decision
  • Create Case search profile
  • Define approval process
  • Enhancements

Credit Exposure Update       

  • Liability Categories


  • Events and Follow on process
  • Concept of workflow


Integration with Accounts Receivable Accounting and Sales and Distribution

Integration with Account Receivable accounting 

  • Credit Segment
  • Assigning Credit control area to credit segment
  • Credit exposure categories
  • Customer enhancement

Integration with Sales and Distribution     

  • Credit Segment
  • Credit Control Area to Credit Segment
  • Sales Area to credit control area
  • Credit Exposure Category
  • Assigning Sales Document and Delivery Documents
  • Automatic Credit Control
  • Risk Categories
  • Customer Enhancements

2. Collection Management                  

Basic Settings for Collections Management          

Collection Strategies

  • Basic Rules
  • Collection Rules
  • Process Strategies
  • Priorities

Organizational Structure       

  • Collection Segments
  • Collection Profiles
  • Collection Groups
  • Assign Collection Groups to Collection Segments

Business Partners       

  • Business Partner configuration
  • Extension of Business partner to collection management role

Promise to Pay         

  • RMS ID
  • Element Type
  • Attribute Profile
  • Status Profitle
  • Number Range Interval for Case
  • Case type
  • Process Integration

Customer Contacts    

  • Contact Types
  • Result of Customer Contact

Resubmission and Note       

  • Define Resubmission Reason and Note Reason

SAP Dispute Management Integration         

  • Status for Dispute Cases To Be Collected

Integration with Accounts Receivable Accounting           

Activate SAP Collections Management

Distribution of Data in Collections Management

  • Activate Distribution per Company Code
  • Define Relevant Fields for Document and Master Record Changes
  • Harmonize Dunning Levels

Activate Process Integration of Documents with Special G/L Indicator

  • Receivable Processing
  • Customer Enhancements
  • Promise to Pay

3. Dispute Management                      

Dispute Case Processing      

  • RMS ID
  • Element Types and Case Record Model
  • Attribute Profile
  • Case Search
  • Function Profile
  • Status Management
  • Number Range intervals for Case
  • Case Type
  • Correspondence
  • Process Integration
  • Customer Enhancements

Process Integration with Accounts Receivable Accounting            

  • Activate Process Integration for SAP Dispute Management
  • Define Default Values for Creation of Dispute Cases
  • Customer-Disputed Objects in Dispute Cases
  • Automatic Write-Off of Dispute Cases
  • Automatic Document Changes from Dispute Cases
  • Customer enhancements