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SAP GRC  Security Course

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What is Security & Why?

Security audit & consideration?

Security layers

  • Data layer
  • Access security
  • Operational security

Audit Security & Security audit log parameters.

Application on R/3 Security.

OS level security & Change management.

Types of Security’s

  • Internal Security
  • External Security
  • SAP Security

User administration & Types of Users.

Central user administration (CUA).


  • Authorization Objects
  • Authorization profiles
  • Programming authorizations
  • Authorization groups
  • Missing authorizations
  • Authorization Trace.


  • Composite Role
  • Single Role
  • Derived Role
  • Parent Role & Child Role.

Transaportation of Roles & Role Mitigation.

The complete User status (SUIM).

Locking transactions.

Restricting access to SAP* & DDIC.


  • SAP History .
  • SAP R/3 architecture & Layers.
  • Client administration.
  • Spool administration Basics.
  • Background jobs.
  • Transport management Basics.

BW/BI Security

  • Architecture and strategies for a BI authorization concept
  • Security requirements in SAP BI
  • Standard roles and templates for the authorization concept
  • Creating BW/BI roles and modification
  • Difference between BW and R/3 security
  • Difference between BW and BI Security
  • Different authorization objects involved in BW/BI
  • Analysis authorization concept and reporting
  • Troubleshooting BW/BI issues

HR Security

  • Introduction to HR security
  • Personal administration and Organizational management
  • HR General and Structural authorizations
  • HR authorization objects and info types
  • Troubleshooting HR issues

GRC (Governance, Risks and Compliances 10.0 10.1)

SAP GRC 10.1 Course Curriculum


  • Introduction to SAP Access Control 10.0
  • Access Control 10.0 Overview
  • Key Features and Benefits
  • Transporting Objects
  • User Interface Overview
  • Identity Management Integration
  • Managing Compliance with Access Control 10.0
  • Segregation of Duties Risk Management Process
  • Information Architecture, Security, and Authorizations

Access Risk Analysis

  • Analyze and Manage Risk
  • Shared Master Data
  • Configuration and Rule Set Maintenance
  • Risk Analysis Framework
  • System-Specific Mitigation
  • Mass Mitigation

Emergency Access Management

  • Emergency Access Management
  • Emergency Access Management Overview
  • Centralized Firefighting
  • Plan for Emergency Access
  • Monitor Emergency Access

Business Role Management

  • Design and Manage Roles
  • Configure Role Management
  • Configure Role Methodology
  • Plan for Technical Role Definition
  • Plan for Business Role Definition
  • Consolidate Roles through Role Mining
  • Mass Manage Roles

Access Request Management

  • Provision and Manage Users
  • Plan for User Access
  • Plan for Human Resources Integration
  • Define User Provisioning
  • Design End User Personalization Forms
  • Request Approval
  • Periodic Access Review Process
  • Plan Periodic Review
  • Review Access Risk (SoD Review)
  • Monitor User Access
  • Monitor Role Access
  • Business Rule Framework (BRF)
  • Define workflow related Multi-Stage Multi-Path Workflow Rules
  • Define business rules using the BRF Workbench
  • Create BRF plus rules

Reporting Framework

  • Reporting
  • Reporting Framework
  • Change Existing Reports


  • Add Custom Fields to Access Requests and Roles
  • Access Control Implementation Process
  • Implementation Process Overview
  • Designing the Access Control Solution
  • Upgrade and Migration