SAP Logistics Execution Online Training

SAP Logistics Execution Course

Start learning sap logistics execution & erp warehouse management certification course & be a skilled sap le professional, offers sap logistics execution online training in usa, canada, uk, australia, singapore, new zealand, mexico, uae, spain and brazil with certified 14+ years of sap industry professional.

Logistics Execution Business Process Overview

  • Good Receipt Process for Inbound Deliveries
  • Creating Inbound Deliveries
  • Putaway
  • Goods Receipt
  • Planning, Monitoring, and Analysis of Inbound Deliveries
  • Warehouse Management Process Overview
  • Warehouse Activity Monitor
  • Shipping
  • Decentralized Warehouse Management vs. Centralized Warehouse Management
  • Lean Warehouse Management

Enterprise Structure and Warehouse Structure

  • Define Plant Configuration
  • Define Storage Location Configuration
  • Define Warehouse Configuration
  • Define Shipping Point Configuration
  • Define Storage Type Configuration
  • Define Storage Sections
  • Define Picking Areas
  • Define Storage Bin Types, Blocking Reasons and Storage Bin Structure

Master Data

  • Key Fields in the Material Master
  • Material Master Configuration
  • Storage Type Indicators
  • Storage Types
  • Storage Section Indicators
  • Special Movement Indicators
  • Create Material Master
  • Create Storage Bins
  • Displaying Quant Data

Configuration, Basic Functions, and Enhancements

  • Number Ranges
  • Function Modules and Customer Exits
  • Warehouse Controlling
  • Standard Analysis

Delivery Processing

  • Outbound Delivery Document Structure
  • Delivery Structure
  • Delivery Types Configuration
  • Delivery Item Categories Configuration
  • Outbound Delivery Processing
  • Sales order processing with deliveries of Outbound Delivery
  • Outbound Delivery Picking
  • Wave Picks
  • Determining Picking Location

Putaway and Picking Strategies

  • Configuration Storage Type/Section/Bin Type Searches
  • Put Away Strategies
  • Capacity Check
  • Storage Put Away Capacity Check
  • Fixed Bin Putaway Strategy Configuration
  • Picking (Stock Removal) Strategies
  • FIFO Picking Strategy Configuration

Warehouse Movements and Batch Management

  • Movements in LE
  • Transfer Requirements
  • Transfer Orders
  • Goods Receipts
  • Goods Issues
  • Stock Transfers
  • Posting Changes
  • Batch Managed Stocks
  • Material Master Requirements
  • Batch master records
  • Batch Statuses
  • Inventory Management and Batch Management
  • Batch Classification
  • Batch Determination
  • Batch Information Cockpit

Physical Inventory & Cycle Counting

  • Physical Inventory types
  • Annual Physical Inventory
  • Continuous Physical Inventory
  • Cycle Counting
  • Configuration of Physical Inventory
  • Basic Settings for Physical Inventory
  • Cycle Counting of Physical Inventory using Cycle Counting Method


  • Inventory Management
  • DEMO: Inventory Management Configuration
  • DEMO: Production Configuration