SAP WM Online Training | Warehouse Management Course

SAP  WM ( Warehouse Management ) Online Training

Introduction to Warehouse Management

  • Warehouse management overview in SAP R/3
  • Organization Data
  • Warehouse Structure
  • WM Flow with MM/SD/PP/QM

Organization Data

Define Warehouse Organization structure

  • Warehouse number
  • Storage type
  • Storage section
  • Storage Bin
  • Storage Bin Structure
  • Storage Bin Types
  • Picking Area
  • Storage unit
  • Quant etc…

Master Data

  • Material Master

Search Strategies

  • Storage Type Search Strategies
  • Storage Section Search Strategies
  • Storage Bin Type Search Strategies

Transfer Requirement

  • Number Range for TR
  • Create Transfer requirement Manually
  • Create Transfer requirement Automatically
  • Settings for Automatic TR Creation
  • Convert TR to TO

Posting change notice

  • Number Ranges for PCN
  • Create Posting change Notice Manually
  • Creating PCN Automatically
  • Convert PCN to TO

Transfer Order

  • Number Ranges for TO
  • Create Transfer Order Manually
  • Create TO w.r.t Transfer Requirement
  • Create TO w.r.t Posting change notice no
  • Create TO w.r.t Material document
  • Create TO w.r.t Inbound delivery with ASN – Advanced Shipping Notification
  • Confirm the Transfer Order
  • Cancel the Transfer Order
  • Delete TO
  • Block and Unblock Storage Bins, Quants, Storage Types
  • Print TO
  • Set Up Auto T.O. Creation for TR’s and PCN’S
  • Set Up 2 – Step Picking for TR’S
  • Automatic TO Creation and Confirmation

Put away Strategies

  • Next to empty bin
  • Addition to existing bin
  • Open Storage
  • Fixed bin strategy
  • Storage Unit Type

Picking Strategies

  • Shelf life expired – SLED
  • FIFO
  • Stringent FIFO
  • LIFO
  • Fixed Bin Strategy

Warehouse Management Business Scenarios

  • MM Flow with Interface with WM
  • Material Documents Processing in WM
  • GR and GI with WM
  • Transfer Posting in WM
  1. Plant to Plant
  2. Sloc to Sloc
  3. Stock to Stock
  4. Material to Material
  • STO – Stock Transport Order using WM (MM-SD-WM Interface)
  • Special Movement Indicator
  • Stock Transfer from WM Storage Location to Non WM Storage Location
  • Stock Transfer from Non WM Storage Location to WM Storage Location
  • Stock Transfer from WM Storage Location to WM Storage Location
  • Stock Transfer from Storage Bin to Storage Bin

Physical Inventory Processes in WM

  • Create Physical inventory record
  • Enter count results
  • Clear the difference in WM
  • Clear the difference in IM


  • Define Movement types
  • Define Posting Changes
  • Generate Interim Storage Bins
  • Activate Automatic T.O. Creation
  • Allow Negative Stocks in Interim Storage types
  • Goods Movement (IM) not allowed for storage types
  • 2 Step Picking Process in SD

Warehouse Movement Types

  • Define Reference Movement Types for WM
  • Assign Reference Movement Types to WM Movement Types
  • Define WM Movement Types

Batch Management in WM

  • Condition Tables
  • Access Sequence
  • Strategy Types
  • WM Batch Search Procedure
  • Batch Status in WM
  • Characteristics and class
  • SLED In Batch in WM
  • Manual And Automatic Batch Display In WM

Integration of WM with PP

  • GR wref to Production Order
  • GR w/o Production Order
  • GI wref to Production Order

Integration of WM with QM

Configuration Settings and Master Data of QM for WM Process

Storage unit management

  • Activate Storage Unit Management per Warehouse Number
  • Define Number Ranges for Storage Units
  • Define Storage Types with Storage Unit Management
  • Put away and Picking Strategies with Storage Unit Management
  • Create Transfer Requirement with Storage Unit Number
  • Create Transfer Order with Storage Unit Number