Spark and Scala Online Training

Apache Spark and Scala Online Training

Introduction to Spark

  • Limitations of MapReduce in Hadoop Objectives
  • Batch vs. Real-time analytics
  • Application of stream processing
  • How to install Spark
  • Spark vs. Hadoop Eco-system

Introduction to Programming in Scala

  • Features of Scala
  • Basic data types and literals used
  • List the operators and methods used in Scala
  • Concepts of Scala

Using RDD for Creating Applications in Spark

  • Features of RDDs
  • How to create RDDs
  • RDD operations and methods
  • How to run a Spark project with SBT
  • Explain RDD functions and describe how to write different codes in Scala

Running SQL queries Using SparkSQL

  • Explain the importance and features of SparkSQL
  • Describe methods to convert RDDs to DataFrames
  • Explain concepts of SparkSQL
  • Describe the concept of hive integration

Spark Streaming

  • Explain a concepts of Spark Streaming
  • Describe basic and advanced sources
  • Explain how stateful operations work
  • Explain window and join operations

Spark ML Programming

  • Explain the use cases and techniques of Machine Learning (ML)
  • Describe the key concepts of Spark ML
  • Explain the concept of an ML Dataset, and ML algorithm, model selection via cross validation

Spark GraphX Programming

  • Explain the key concepts of Spark GraphX programming
  • Limitations of the Graph Parallel system
  • Describe the operations with a graph
  • Graph system optimizations