Tableau Online Training

Tableau Online Training Course Content

1.Tableau Desktop

Getting Started

Tableau Architecture

Tableau Environment

  • Data Window
  • Toolbar, Status Bar
  • Tooltips, Cards and Shelves
  • Reorganizing the Workspace
  • Workbooks and Sheets

Learning to Use Tableau

  • Build Views (Manually & Automatically)

Connect to Data

  • How to Connect to a Data Source
  • In a File (Text Files, MS Excel, MS Access…)
  • On a Server (Oracle, MYSQL, SQL Server, Google Big Query….)
  • Connect Live/Import
  • Editing a Connection
  • Replace Data Source
  • Replacing Field References
  • Renaming the Connection
  • Duplicating the Connection
  • Refreshing the Data
  • Closing the Connection
  • Clipboard Data Sources
  • Number of Records
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Measure Names

Data Types and Roles

  • Data Types
  • Data Roles

Joining Tables

  • Adding Tables
  • Editing Tables
  • Custom SQL

Working with Multiple Connections

  • Understanding Data Blending
  • Adding a Secondary Connection
  • Defining/Edit Relationships

Single Table Connection

Multiple Table Connection

Custom SQL, Data Blending

Building Data Views

  • Creating Charts (Pie, Bar, Line, Donut, Tree Map, Bubble…)
  • Filters
  • Creating Hierarchy
  • Distribution, Bands, Reference Line &Box Plot
  • Add Dual Axes & Axes Blending

Advanced Analysis

Filter Actions

  • Highlight Actions
  • URL Actions
  • Running Actions
  • Actions and Dashboards
  • Using Field and Filter Values in Actions



  • Calculated Fields (Create, copy-paste, Formula, )
  • If/then, case calculations
  • Table Calculations
  • Binned Data
  • Totals
  • Percentages

Functions (String, Number, Date & Type Conversion etc)


Annotations and Mark Labels


  • Creating Parameters
  • Editing Parameters
  • Using Parameters in Calculations
  • Using Parameters in Filters
  • Using Parameters in Reference Lines
  • Parameter Controls

Using Multiple Measures

  • Individual Axes
  • Blended Axes
  • Dual Axes
  • Combination Charts


  • Forecasting Constraints
  • How Forecasting Works in Tableau
  • To Create a Forecast
  • Forecast Field Results
  • Configure Forecast Options
  • Forecast Descriptions
  • Troubleshooting Forecasting
  • Resolving Forecasting Errors

Trend Lines and Statistics

  • Adding Trend Lines
  • Removing Trend Lines
  • The Trend Line Model
  • Removing Factors from the Model
  • Assessing Trend Line Significance
  • Assumptions
  • Trend Line Model Terms

Background Images

  • Adding Background Images
  • Setting up the View
  • Managing Background Images

Background Maps

  • Geographic Roles
  • Building a Map View
  • Map Options
  • Setting a Default Location
  • Editing Locations
  • Custom Geo-coding
  • Background Map Sources
  • Map Storing and Working Offline



Dashboards & Buttons

  • Creating Dashboards
  • Organizing Dashboards
  • Understanding Dashboards and Worksheets

Saving and Exporting

  • Saving Your Work
  • Reverting Workbooks
  • Exporting Your Work
  • Exporting the Data Source Connection
  • Copying Information between Workbooks

Performance Recording

  1. Tableau Server

Publish and Sharing

Publish to Tableau Server

(Scenarios with Examples)

Create the First Admin User& users

  • Create Projects and Groups
  • Assign Permissions to Projects
  • Publishing Workbooks
  • Publishing Data Sources
  • Setting Permissions
  • Opening Workbooks from the Server
  • Importing Data Sources from the Server
  • User Filtering
  • changing priority of workbook
  • schedule reports on server