Data Science with Python Online Training

Data Science with Python Course Content

Offered Courses

  1. Data Science with R
  2. Data Science with Python
  • Introduction to the PandasThe Data Science: An Overview
    • Introduction to the Data Science
    • Different Sectors Using Data Science
    • The Purpose and Components of Python

    Data Analytics Overview

    • The Data Analytics Process
    • Exploratory the Data Analysis (EDA)
    • EDA-Quantitative Technique
    • EDA – Graphical Technique
    • The Data Analytics Conclusion or Predictions
    • The Data Analytics Communication
    • The Data Types for Plotting

    Statistical Analysis and Business Applications

    • Introduction to the Statistics
    • About Statistical and Non-statistical Analysis
    • The Major Categories of Statistics
    • About the Statistical Analysis Considerations
    • The Population and Sample
    • What is the Statistical Analysis Process?
    • The Data Distribution
    • Dispersion

    Python Environment Setup and Essentials

    • About the Anaconda
    • The Installation of Anaconda Python Distribution
    • Data Types in the Python
    • Basic Operators and Functions

    What is Mathematical Computing with Python (NumPy)?

    • An Introduction to the Numpy
    • The Activity-Sequence it Right
    • Class and Attributes of ndarray
    • All About the Basic Operations
    • Activity-Slice It
    • Copy and Views
    • About the Mathematical Functions of Numpy

    The Scientific computing with Python (Scipy)

    • Introduction to the SciPy
    • About the SciPy Sub Package – Integration and Optimization
    • What is SciPy sub package?
    • Know About the SciPy Sub Package – Statistics, Weave and IO

    The Data Manipulation with Pandas

  • Understanding DataFrame
  • The Missing Values
  • The Data Operations