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Complete Job Oriented Hands-on Training

Introduction to Oracle


What is Oracle?

How to create Schema/User?

SQL Classification

  • Create (DDL)
  • Insert (DML)
  • Commit (TCL)
  • Select (DRL)
  • Update(DML)
  • Delete (DML)
  • Truncate(DDL)
  • Using DDL
  • Using TCL
  • Using DCL


Conditional Selection Operators

  • WhereClause
  • OrderBy




  • Row–Level Functions
  • GroupBy and Having Clause
  • Analytical Functions

Set Operators



Case OR Decode()

Merge Statement


Correlated Sub– Queries


Materialized View




Query Tuning Approach

Difference between DELETE,TRUNCATE and DROP

Difference between ROWID and ROWNUM

Difference between WHERE and HAVING

PL/SQL Basics

  • Stored Procedure
  • Packages
  • Triggers

Important Queries

Index for DWH Concepts

DWH Concepts

What is BI?


Data Warehousing

Data mart

What is Schema?

  • Star Schema
  • Snow –Flake Schema
  • Galaxy Schema

Fact Table


Dimension Table

Data Modeling

SCD Type

Staging Area

Surrogate Key

Informatica Index


ETL Tools


  • PowerCenter
  • PowerMart



Structure of Designer


Workflow Manager

Workflow Monitor

 Informatica Scenarios

  • One–to –One Mapping
  • Customizing the Source Qualifier
  • Concatenating First_Name, Last_Name and other Row Level Functions
  • Implementing if–else statement using Expression Transformation
  • How to filter the data using Filter Transformation
  • Multiple Filter Conditions using Filter Transformation
  • Need of Router of Transformation
  • Joiner Transformation
  • Transposing Columns into Rows using Normalizer Transformation
  • Transposing rows into columns using variable port and aggregator transformation
  • Combining Multiple Pipelines–using Union Transformation
  • Usage of Lookup Transformation
  • Unconnected Lookup
  • Update Else Insert at Session Level
  • Department wise Max Salary –using Aggregator Transformation
  • Update Strategy Transformation
  • Update Else Insert at Mapping level SCD Type
  • Sorter Transformation
  • Fixed Width and Delimiter Flat File
  • Populating Surrogate Key –using Sequence Generator
  • Source First Record into First Target and Second Record into Second Target
  • Multiple Flat Files into the target –Indirect File Type
  • Populating Source Flat File Name in the target table
  • Effective Date–SCD–Type
  • Preventing source duplicate records using Lookup Transformation
  • Cumulative Salary
  • Variables– Increment al Logic(CDC)
  • Control Table Logic
  • Committing at Mapping Level
  • Dynamic File Generation
  • Generating sequence numbers without using Sequence Generator Transformation
  • Assignment Task
  • Event Wait –File Watch Mechanism
  • Worklet
  • Command Task
  • Email Task
  • Stored Procedure
  • Differences between Informatica and versions
  • Incremental Logic Using Parameter File
  • Complex Mapping
  • Assigning a value to workflow level variable–using Assignment task
  • Handling Error Data
  • Loading Unique Records into one table and duplicate records into another
  • How to eliminate or avoid duplicate record from flat file to relational table
  • Generating multiple records in target based on source column
  • updating the target table, if target doesn’t have Primarykey
  • Performance tuning in Informatica
  • How to Load half records into one Target another half records into one target
  • Ways of creating Parameter file(Types of parameter files)
  • Development Code Standards
  • How to skip header and footer records while processing Source Files
  • Handling SurrogateKey, if same target table populated by two mappings and corresponding sessions execute parallelly
  • Unit Test Plan
  • Difference between Source Qualifier, Joiner and Lookup transformation
  • Difference between Dynamic Lookup Cache and Static Lookup Cache
  • Difference between Connected Lookup and Unconnected Lookup
  • Functioning the loops in Informatica while processing from source to target
  • Skipping or processing last nth records from Source Flat File
  • Development Lifecycle
  • Differences between Waterfall and Agile Methodology

Important Unix Commands