Sr Consultant SAP EWM MM Sample Resume

Sr. Consultant (SAP EWM & S4 HANA logistics)

  • Worked on SAP S4 HANA beta testing for the EWM and defect resolutions for same.
  • Recently certified in SAP EWM 9.1 and S4 HANA 1710 procurement and sourcing product offerings by SAP.
  • Worked on SAP EWM 7.0 for P & L (pharma & life sciences) client on process implementation related inbound, outbound, VAS and forms related to customs and DG related developments and also automated testing of standard client scenario with SAP license vendor Work-soft product
  • In my recent organization worked on various implementations and AMS support projects for IS-Retail, IS-Oil, IS-Auto, F&B, P &L domain client
  • I worked 13+ years in SAP LE-WM, MM, SRM, EWM, S4 HANA procurement and sourcing related products.
  • Worked as SME for RF scan solutions related to bar code label scanning and SAP AII related various product solution offering by SAP.
  • I hold a valid H1B petition with number EAC-15-142-52692 due for stamping.

Work Experience

Sr. Consultant (SAP EWM) Bio-Rad

March 2016 to Present

Project Description – This project is related to SAP EWM scenario test automation where client deployments for EWM based on various geographies is planned and on-going. Scenarios for previous deployments are automated in work soft testing system and used for earlier deployment and new deployment changes with variations as per global & local template.

Specific achievements – Planned automation of the test scenarios related EWM deployments in earlier releases and used same for the new deployment testing phases for the specific local changes with variation in earlier test scripts with pro-active coordination with the third party testing automation team.

Actively identified the defects in deployment related to data and configuration and followed up with configuration team for fixing defects. This has reduced mostly the number of data issues and these issues considered by data team for correction in next testing phase same deployment.

Project Domain                Organization Duration Role

Sr. Consultant (SAP MM & IM) LL Bean

October 2015 to Present

Project Description – This project SAP IS-Retail seasonal procurement AMS project. I am supporting this project as SAP MM seasonal procurement consultant.

Specific achievements – I have learnt the client processes and SAP season procurement functionalities specific to client in very short time span and tried to help fixing nearly 27 defects and 10 tickets in span of one 2 months to make the system stable after go-live in July 2015.

Currently I am supporting all new developments and defect fixes for same going live in production as part of AMS.

Project Domain                Organization Duration Role

NSRP     IS-Oil Down Stream IBM (I) Pvt. Ltd. 09th Dec 201 to 30th Sept 2015 Sr. Consultant (SAP MM & IM)

Project Description – This project was green field implementation for client NSRP in downstream petrochemical industry vertical related to refinery project building. Worked on the implementation project as per ASAP methodology.

There were process swim line diagrams identified for various purchasing, logistics and inventory processes. We have studied these processes as part of the requirement gathering and BBP document creation and further implementation of these processes in SAP package solution.

Specific achievements – Studied the client specific petrochemical inventory process for the under construction refinery considering the planned storage tanks layout and client procurement, manufacturing and sales processes. Also conducted workshops to clarify the client processes and imparting knowledge on the industry best practices with help of IBM oil and GSS SME and client technical experts.

Worked on requirement gathering for the SAP & IBM MAXIMO integration. I tried to reduce the number of interfaces from 32 to 17 by studying the earlier workshop outcome of the third party vendor for MAXIMO implementation and client team. This was appreciable cost and time saving to particularly reduce work based on correct SAP functional knowledge.

Also I have made value addition to client MAXIMO implementation by the identifying the inventory impact and suggesting the inventory valuation process in both systems based on number of transactions planned in future.

I was onsite Vietnam for this project for 9 months from requirement gathering till successful go-live and hyper care for the core procurement and inventory processes.

Project Domain                Organization Duration Role

Sr. Consultant (SAP MM & WM) GODARD

October 2014 to February 2016

Project Description – This project was related to food & beverages distribution company in Caribbean Island region. It has SAP catch weight management implemented along with SAP WM.

Specific achievements – Supported this project as stretched assignment along with other regular work and earn extra revenue for organization.

Provided various resolutions for the client catch weight management issues for truing up the inventory problems for meat products. Worked with client costing team to resolve the costing related issue.

Provided client user team training on the various processes in MM & WM related to invoice posting and barcode scanning with online training sessions.

Project Domain                Organization Duration Role

Sr. Consultant (SAP MM & CIN) Lubrizol

November 2014 to December 2014

Project Description – Project was related to rollout of various depot facilities in India where I worked on the SAP MM – CIN related implementation for the new depots planned by client. Project was configuration and testing scenarios for depot & moving them to production for business activities in couple of weeks

Specific achievements – MM -CIN configuration was done tested for integration with FI-Co and rolled out in couple of weeks where client appreciated efforts to complete the task as per the time line.

Project Domain                Organization Duration Role

Sr. Consultant (SAP MM & WM) Inpex

June 2014 to October 2014

Project Description – This was green field implementation for client in IS-Oil Upstream vertical. Various Upstream processes related to SAP RLM & WM implemented for the client. This project was in phase of process implementation and testing of the specific processes.

Specific achievements – Worked on the analysis and validations of various unit test steps for the SAP IS-Oil RLM scenarios and building end to end scenario testing in HPQC for the client processes.

Project Domain                Organization Duration Role

Sr. Consultant (SAP LE & WM) Inpex

February 2014 to May 2014

Project Description – This was highly urgent & important project implementation of SAP WM & scan solution for the client before the financial year end closing. IBM was responsible for the project implementation, migration and go-live for SAP WM and scanning solution.

Specific achievements – Worked on requirement gathering and BBP to quickly implement the WM and scan solution. Project was implemented in short time span of 3 months and go-live support provided for one month.

Client scan device audit was done and expectations set for the scan solution to the client IT and Business team. Client expectation on label printing and barcoded form printing as per the constrains found with the client printing and scanning device audits.

Client business and warehouse staff given training on the basic WM functionalities and scanning device handing at on-site with system and field demo of the scan transactions in very short time span.

Project Domain                Organization Duration Role

Sr. Consultant (SAP LE & WM) Volks Wagon

September 2013 to February 2014

Project Description – AMS project with various small and complex developments involved in this project. Client team requirements studied and estimates provide for approval and developments processed on release basis.

Specific achievements – In this project provided process improvement solution to client for the inbound shipment process to track the shipment costing as expected by client to track the actual and planned delivery costs.

Worked on the various EDI integration development projects for the data transfer to the client spare parts warehouses to further process the shipments for the customs and receipts.

Provided process solution to apportion the custom duty amount against the receipts where the PO created by the client for certain planning horizon and receipts happened on partial basis.

I was also part of the project for the correction of the inventory cost related to the tax component posted while the SAP – CIN receipts which was a measure pain point for client and impacting the books of accounts.

Project Domain Organization Duration Role

Sr. Consultant (SAP LE & WM) Estee Lauder

September 2012 to September 2013

Project Description – AMS project with various country specific roll outs on the yearly basis roll out with the small and medium enhancements releases as per the AMS plan.

Specific achievements – Worked on loads of incidents after the release in Nov 2012 these were related to the go-live support of new functionality developed for client Europe region operations. Handled various critical & high priority tickets where I tried to meet the customer expectation & fix the functionality as per the go-live design.

I was also part of the IBM lean project for the AMS project cost cutting related to reduction of the on-boarding time for resources joining the project. This project was concluded with the $ value saving of yearly $5000/- by proactively on boarding the resources and saving time for onboarding.

Project Domain Organization Duration Role


TBS, L’Oreal, Uni-lever & Boots

August 2012 to December 2012

in IS-Retail area from 13th Aug 2012 to 31st Dec 2012. These proposals were related to implementation & AMS of the SAP environment.

Project Domain                Organization Duration Role

Sr. Consultant (MM, QM & WM) Dena & Spicer

August 2012 to September 2012

Project Description – This project was a Fit-Gap analysis project for current IT environment & processes followed currently. We visited 4 client sites to study & list client processes. After this study we have provided a comparative to client regarding the industry standard business process & Gaps found at client site.

Specific achievements – Analyzed client processes for MM, WM & QM area highlighted the GAPs as per industry standard with existing customer processes. Also suggested the Be-spoke solution at high level for the client specific processes this particular project bid won by consulting team. Implementation of solution for this project completed and also successful AMS in progress.

I worked in Infosys Ltd., Pune from 25th July 2006 to 15th May 2012. In this time span I worked on various projects in SAP ECC 6.0 MM, WM and SRM space.

Consultant (MM, WM, IS-Retail & SRM consultant) Boots

May 2012 to August 2012

Project Description – This project was SAP SRM AMS support project where support was provided to SRM 5.0 & post upgrade support to SRM 7.0 versions

Specific achievements – Worked on upgrade support to the SRM 7.0 upgrade with Acceture implementation team and tried get resolutions for most of the post go-live issues in hyper care period.

Consultant (MM, WM & TRM) TBS, L’Oreal, Uni-lever & Boots

January 2011 to August 2011

Project Description – This project was SAP upgrade to ECC 6.0 for client in SAP IS retail domain

Specific achievements – I worked as a key consultant in finalizing the client specific processes for MM, WM & TRM functionalities & reports. My role involved understanding client business architecture & current processes related to distribution. I have understood all central distribution processes for DC at UK, US & other client locations which involved inbound, outbound & internal DC processes. I got the KT from client on their processes in real-time SAP R/3 system which I further documented & got those approved from client. These documented processes involved understanding of the warehouse put-away, picking & internal process based on WM & TRM scenarios as per the configurations of the warehouses.

As this project was system upgrade from SAP R/3 to SAP ECC 6.0 we have presented the KT documents & various scenario lists we have understood from client KT to client for further testing them in R/3 & later in ECC 6.0 Dev, QA after upgrade of system. Client appreciated our understanding of their warehouse system & TRM scenarios related to put-away material to wide & narrow aisle, internal bin to bin transfers & picking with the tasks created in TRM for the delivery TOs from these aisles for the DC-DC transfer scenarios. We have tested various scenario related to pick on foot, pallet trucks, pump truck kind of resource types & resources with handling unit management.

I also provided functional support to client for the setting up the new distribution center at Singapore location. Current project is an upgrade project for client for upgrading the SAP 4.7C version to ECC 6.0. TBS is UK client manufacturer of cosmetics and beauty products having SAP IS-Retail implemented.

I am also involved in the assessment of proposal for implementing the SAP-QM for client existing processes.

I was part of the Japanese Immersion Training held from 15th July 2010 to 31st Dec 2010 by Infosys as a part of company initiative for Japanese market penetration and grabbing opportunities in SAP space.

Project Domain Organization Duration Role

Consultant Nissan

March 2010 to July 2010

MM & WM)

Project Description – This project was Nissan Fit-Gap Analysis project for the Nissan custom procurement system with the SAP ECC 6.0 system & IS-Auto offerings. This program also involved client SRM 2.0 version implementation with new SAP SRM 7.0 version comparison and consultation on improvements

Specific achievements – Worked for the Fit-Gap analysis project for the client Nissan, US. This project was related to identification of the GAPs in current process and the standard SAP ECC 6.0 for purchasing. Analyzed client AS-IS purchasing processes & suggested the TO-BE process as per ECC 6.0. I leaded this project from onsite along with one MM & one SRM consultant from offshore. We have analyzed client SRM 2.0 environment along with mainframe system and custom soft-wares which were client key purchasing tools and suggested a holistic approach to work the entire process in SAP ECC 6.0. This project was appreciated by client and by Infosys. This was project was rated as 6 on scale of 7.

This was Infosys investment project based on inputs and consulting provided client offered Infosys the upgrade project of the existing IT system to ECC 6.0. I was onsite for two months at US client location for this project.

Project Domain                Organization Duration Role

Associate Consultant & Consultant Nissan

March 2007 to February 2010

MM & WM)

Project Description – This project was AT&T AMS, Production support project along with the simple and complex development projects related the Enterprise planning inventory management in SAP system

Specific achievements – Played key role in the SAP MM & WM consulting. Involved in support of various client third party and SAP system integration with SAP ECC 6.0 such as oracle apps, Tera data, SAP SRM, SAP APO, SAP BI.

Key consultant in requirement gathering, blue printing and go-live of simple and complex projects in SAP MM & WM area.

I was also part of SAP BI 7.0 implementation for pre-go-live data synch testing.

I was directly interacting with client in U.S. as SAP MM & WM functional lead for requirement gathering & day to day production support. I was involved in various client roll-outs for major enhancements from production support and maintenance side. I was leading a team of production support of 5-6 resources onsite. I was also involved in leading the support team for client equipment (U-VERSE set top box) activation process. This was a key process at client end impacting the client billing cycle. We as a team have formulated the activation process for client after a role out which impacted the activation process to major extent. This process appreciated by client. From my side I have provided critical support to client in resolving the key issues related to activation and de-activation of equipment.

I was at client site US nearly 2years for this project and had direct client interaction on-site for various release and AMS projects.

Project Domain Organization Duration Role

Consultant Nissan

November 2006 to February 2007

MM & WM)

Project Description – This project was SAP WM custom inventory process development for client in the truck trailer manufacturing.

Specific achievements – We have developed the process of splitting the open area bins in client premises in grids and conducting the inventory at grid level. This inventory figures later processing it at bin level by consolidating the grid wise inventory.

Also developed custom inventory forms as per client requirement and check and cross check process before consolidation of inventory was also part of the process along with recounting option at cross check level.

This was complex project delivered in record time and client appreciated this effort as the client balance sheet reporting issue related to inventory valuation were resolved for that fiscal year with this new process.

Consultant SAP WM T-Systems India Pvt. Ltd – Pune, Maharashtra

April 2006 to July 2006

Pune for a short time span from 13th April 2006 to 17th July 2006. In this time span I was part of AMS team for project BMW where I worked as consultant SAP WM.

BMW was a maintain project & T-system was providing the 3rd level support for this project. Basic work package included resolving the issues related the data transferred through third party system in SAP R/3. BMW SAP system was implemented by SAP & it was an IS-auto implementation.

Understanding the BMW specific processes & there legacy systems with third party warehouse system to resolve issues related to transactions & IDOCs was a key learning.

Senior Software Engineer DuPont

May 2004 to April 2006

Project Description – Dupont-T03 Maintain Project is one of the world’s biggest SAP Maintain project handled by Accenture. DuPont is one of the world’s largest businesses in chemicals vertical. Accenture providing offshore support to the various SBU’s of DuPont those are classified under various clusters linked to corresponding client architecture.

Specific achievements for various projects I was part of as listed

DuPont Maintain

Provided CORE support to the WM and MM related issues. Functional support to the Technical team [ABAP/BASIS] for the tickets related to the Interface and User Exit.

Functional WM trainings and client specific STO related trainings delivered to technical resources appreciated at project management level.

Automated Regression Testing

Understanding the business requirement & the scenario flow for client business scenarios, modularizing the scripts up to individual transaction level, Creating the manual script & checking them in R/3 Manually.

Recording scripts in E-Catt with help of tech team and testing the scripts with technical team after recording scripts in E-Catt as per business requirement. Presenting these scripts to client team to check if expected automation delivered.

DuPont Design & Build

Worked on the setting the plant configuration for MM & SD side, Understanding the defect raised by onsite team for the configuration made in go-live by design & build team.

Also worked on defect handling for change requests and small projects for client in design build.


CSQA certification from QI US.

Development of SAP WM as additional skill.

Domain Experience:

Consultant SAP MM & WM

Accenture India Pvt. Ltd – Mumbai, Maharashtra

May 2004 to March 2006

Mumbai from 10th May 2004 to 31st March 2006. In this time span I was part of AMS team for project Delaware where I worked as consultant SAP MM & WM.

Project Domain                Organization Duration Role


2003 to April 2004

Job Responsibilities: Interaction with sub-contractors regarding in-time deliveries for production activities. Coordination with PPC for daily production requirements. Contribution in preparing materials department for ISO TS-16949 processes & also instrumental in implementation TS -16949 practices. Support in implementation of the ERP system for Materials & Ware-House Module.

Achievements:10% cost cutting in the Muffler Cost to reduce the effect of inflation in coordination with engineering team. Efficient Management of funds required for imports duty by availing the facility of Bonded Warehouse.

Executive Materials


November 2000 to December 2002

Job Responsibilities: Materials planning as per the production plan. Global sourcing, Imports Management & support to clearing function

Achievements: Freight Cost reduction (18%) for all imported items & getting 60 days’ credit for freight payments. Development of Sumo Only A/C Kit & Plastic Components for Indica LHD. Represented from company side for the less charged duty case in CEGAT.

Education :


Hana (Less than 1 year), SCM (Less than 1 year)


S4 HANA procurement and sourcing 1610

July 2018 to Present

Certified procurement sourcing in S4 HANA 1610


December 2017 to Present

SAP EWM certification in 9.1 version